Monday, February 7, 2011

Road-trip back to Texas (from Utah), September 2010


teaching our son the art of grafitti

finished product

Trip to Utah, September 2010

Hud, Logan and Ellie trying to figure out how to milk a cow!

Logan rearranging all the chess felt that they shouldn't be on the chess board!

At Box Elder Country Fair

YUMMY Fair Food!

Having a blast with cousin Hud

And trying to help the Dad & the Uncles

Buried treasures in the hole in the backyard...long lost grill been buried for probably 10+years!

Hard at work!

Logan playing with a train that Brent played with as a cool!

With the cousins!!

Grandma Franks' Cabin-- Colorado, September 2010

Since I'm probably never going to catch's a ton of pics from the last 6 months with quick captions!  Hopefully I'll remember what we did!

Before we moved to Austin in September we had a few weeks to kill after Brent finished with his job in Fort Worth, so we road-tripped up to Utah to visit the fam and stopped off in Dolores, Colorado to visit Brent's grandmother & had a blast!

View from just up above the cabin; it's absolutely beautiful here. Hopefully we can make it back every summer!!  We haven't been here to visit since before we were married 8 years ago!

Taking Logan up the hill behind the cabin to search for Daddy's old tree house!

The tree from that held Daddy's old tree house (we think).

learning to grind corn in Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde...Brent visited here every summer growing place!

Back at Mesa Verde with Mom!

Logan is DONE at Mesa Verde

Grandma Franks works for the "Galloping Goose" in town and we were lucky enough to go on a "shake down" run before the train festival.  It was about a 3 hour round trip ride & Logan LOVED every minute of it.

Everytime we came to a crossing the train blew it's whistle & Logan waived to all the onlookers... I think there were at least 20-30 Crossings!!

And what better then to get to walk on the tracks.

Not wanting to take pictures.

LOVES Grandma Franks... especially because she work at the "Galloping Goose"!!

The boys with Grandma

Saying "all aboard"

One quick smile!

In front of the Galloping Goose

On the deck at the Cabin

Visiting the pipe people in Cortez...really cool.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dad's 1st Ever Backyard Getaway!

For Father's Day this year since I was still in Cali with Logan, my family decided to put together a "Backyard Getaway" for my Dad.  If you know my Dad, he LOVES to go on vacation; problem is, no one ever has anytime...including him.  So to simply things, we had a very trendy "staycation" and it turned out awsome.  We opened our staycation with a BBQ & transformed the backyard....which we enjoyed for the rest of the weekend (and summer) as well.

Opening Night: Backyard BBQ

It wasn't quite as warm as Palm Springs or Hawaii...but much closer!!
We had a yummy dinner of BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, sweet potatoe french fries and homemade ice cream!

The next day we went to Irvine Park.  The two boys (JT & Logan) went on pony rides, then we all ventured over to the zoo, had a picnic lunch & finished off with a train ride.  I was even super thrifty and managed to find coupons for all our events online (I was very proud of myself because I'm normally not that prepared).  More pictures when I get a better internet connection!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Megan's Wedding-June 2010

Megan's wedding turned out beautifully!! Megan & Dan were married in the Newport Beach LDS Temple on June 11th and we are sooooo excited for them!  The ceremony was wonderful and the reception that night was a blast.  But we took about 2weeks to recover from everything!!  The bride & groom get a honeymoon to relax after the wedding, but I think the family & friends that put the wedding together deserve some sort of honeymoon as well to recover from all the months of prep work.  Anyways, of course I have NO pictures from the reception because we were too busy helping out (or chasing Logan around), but hopefully as soon as meg gets some from the photographer I can post some.  The reception was pirate themed...and turned out awsome...thanks to everyone's hard work.

and yes, my mom made the dress-it was AWSOME!
such a happy groomsmen; he's just upset he didn't have an eye patch!
yes, I'm wearing a grandma sweater! I was freezing & it was the only thing I had in the car (at least I took it off for the professional photos)
The hard working boys who helped to pull the reception together!!! They were even hanging swags of fabric from rafters trying to make them look like sails! (they did end up looking like sails after I intervened a little!!!)  It was quite the sight to see none the less~


Laguna Beach-June 2010

I'm slowly but surely getting caught up on posting all my picutres from this spring & summer.  Meredith was our personal papparazzi, so I have TONS to post.  But here was a quick trip we made to the beach before having to take Brent back to the airport after Megan's wedding.  We went right after church (hence the monkey suit at the beach).  We love walking around Laguna Beach because its where we got engaged.  And Logan loves the ocean now too.